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Bad Credit Loans

Life happens, at XS Credit we understand. With recent economic problems many of us have been hit hard and just need a second chance to get us back on our feet. That's what we offer, a chance to rebuild your credit while at the same time listening to your concerns to provide you with a vehicle that suits your lifestyle. We understand the struggles many people have gone through because we have been there ourselves. At XS Credit we are dedicated to customer service, and we believe the option to choose your vehicle and payment shouldn't be reserved for only the fortunate. If your credit has suffered and the bank's won't help, we will. We will not refuse anyone regardless of their credit situation.

We will help get you a car even with the following on your credit history:

• BANKRUPTCY - A failure to pay your bills where you then must go to a court of law and the courts divide all your assets among your creditors.
• DIVORCE - You and your spouse no longer want to be together where generally joint bills stop being paid.
• LOWERING MONTHLY PAYMENTS - If you currently have a high payment auto loan we can lower it.
• COLLECTIONS - You did not pay one of your creditors and they sent it to an agency to collect there money back.
• WRITTEN OFF CREDIT - You stopped paying for a piece of credit and the bank does not believe they will get there money back.
• LOW BEACON SCORE - Your credit score is below average.
• REPOSSESSIONS - You stopped paying for something you purchased and the back took the property back.
• JUDGEMENTS - You were sued in a court of law and lost your case and need to pay the person/company back that sued you.
• FAMILY MAINTENANCE - Money that you owe for a child and/or spouse.
• INSURANCE PAYMENTS - Cut you a check to pay for your vehicle insurance.
• LEASE SELLOFFS - Refinancing your current lease into a purchase loan.
• HIGH DEBT SERVICE RATIO - You currently owe more to payments then you currently make.
• TOO MUCH OWING ON TRADE - You owe more then what your current vehicle is worth.
• EMPLOYMENT STABILITY - An established length of time on your job.
• YOUNG BUYERS - Someone under the age of twenty five with minimum credit experience.
• 9 SIN NUMBERS - A currently non landed imigrant who is currently working in Canada with a work visa.
• PREVIOUS DECLINES - Someone who has previously been declined for credit.
• OVER BALANCES - You owe more money to your creditor then your available balance.
• FORECLOSURE - You have stopped paying your mortgage and the bank takes your house back.

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